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#BLM Combating racism

For all my white friends, followers who have been messaging me about how to be a good ally, and what to do and how to combat racism. Ask google, do the research & look up books on how to put in the work. And while your putting in that work, just know that it’s a THANKLESS job, your black friends, blacks peers and black people in general are not going to thank you, for putting in the work that needed/needs to be done. While you dig deep and work though how your whiteness has had an impact on how you live.

I also don’t want your love, your reposts, your stories on BLM unless you’re actively putting in the work in REAL life, looking on how you unconsciously have stayed silent while black people have been dying for .. well being black.

And though your life has been rough, exhausting, challenging, the colour of your skin has NEVER contributed in the way you navigate through life.

You can be a drug addict and still hold white privilege, you can be in poverty and still hold white privilege, you can be a women and still hold .. you get the point.

Here are 8 books to read up on racism and how to be a good ally.

This BLM movement and work to be a good ally, and to be anti-racist DOES not stop when the hashtags stop, when the media stops posting about it. i'm black 365 days of the year.

White people here is an analogy:

When you ask what can you do to help ... YOU are the conductor of the train, you've always been able to use your voice to promote antiracism. You have always been able to SPEAK up and navigate the train towards change. I'm sorry that it has taken the life of #GeorgeFlyod to die in a traumatic way by police brutality for you to wake up and smell the white supremacy we live in.

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