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Black Backpackers Must Haves Camping

Hello! I have made a list of some of my must haves camping.

Hope these suggestions are helpful to help gear you towards some equipment and an idea what you would need for camping/ backpacking. Note that these items may not be in everyones price range, you can always find alternatives. These are what I am currently using.

I am not sponsored by any of the brands listed, I truly believe in these products.

So I am going to list off what I am currently using camping/ backpacking gear (and weight) - Almost everything is purchased from MEC.

  1. MSR Hubba Hubba tent ($559)(1.76 kg): This awesome packed down 2- person tent. This tent is SMALL but fits 2 people comfortably. I love that this tent was two doors on each side, so your not crawling over your camping partner. Each side also has it's own vestibule. I recently took this tent camping for the first time in Jasper, and it rained for 2 days straight. I previously read reviews about the tent not holding up in the rain, but this was not the case for me.

  2. MSR pocket rocket ($134): I bought the Starter kit from MEC and it came with 2 bowels, 2 cups, 2 sporks and 1 pot and the stove. Which is an awesome deal (I'm not sure how much this weighs if your looking for a ultra light stove).

  3. Thermarest NeoAir Xlite woman's ($234.95) (0.34kg): The price is steep, I know. But I previously borrowed this from a friend when I hiked Assiniboine and it was the lightest most comfortable thing I have ever slept on, so I just had to buy it.

  4. MEC -18 sleeping bag ($175): I got this on sale this is honestly the BIGGEST thing that takes up so much space in my backpack... I can only get this bag compressed in my 15L compression sack. It's worth it because I am constantly cold, I have used this summer and winter with no problems. Alternatively you can always buy a summer sleeping bag, and you can always buy a sleeping liner if you're someone who runs cold.

  5. La Sportiva approach shoes ($174): These are honestly the best little hiking/scrabbling shoes

Side note: I also have the North Face Ultra Fast pack IV hiking boots, and they are hands down the best hiking boots I have owned.

6. Gregory Maven 65L pack ($265): This pack is my first backcountry pack and I absolutely love it. Buying the right pack is like trying on wedding dresses. Not every pack is going fit or have the specs you want. I was in MEC for about 2 hours trying on packs. The MEC employees are great, they will fill the packs your trying on with weight and let you walk around the store to help you get a feel for how hiking with it will be.

Other must to haves camping:

  • Headlamp + extra batteries

  • Bear Spray

  • Water bladder (mine is 2 litres and I do just fine)

  • Water filtration (not pictured) - I use either the life straw or MSR water pump

  • Sun Screen - We may be blessed with melanin but we need that SPF 50+

  • Sun glasses

  • First aid kit

  • Lighter

  • Bug spray

  • Large ziplock for waste

A Friendly Reminder: LEAVE NO TRACE

We must acknowledge and respect the lands we are on. With saying this everything you pack in, you pack out.

Links to products:

Backpacking packs (I can't find my pack online, not sure if Gregory stopping making The Maven 65L) But here is a link to MEC backpacks:

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