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Let's talk about #pooping in nature

Let’s talk 💩‘ing in nature .. dropping the kids off at the pool, dropping a duce, going #2. Whatever you want to call it!

Shit happens .. literally. So before you head out to the trails here are some suggestions you can use when packing your day pack and heading out on the trails.

You will need a ziplock bag, toilet paper and hand sanitizer

Find an appropriate place at least 200 feet from all water sources, trails or campsites (cause we classy). But because we need to respect the land and space we are trekking on.

Dig a whole, dig yourself a tiny grave for your poop (6-8 inches deep)

Do your business in said grave

Fill the grave with the dirt you dug out and disguise it with a handful of rocks or dead vegetation.

Put your toilet paper in the ziplock! don’t burry it, don’t leave it on the ground (normal toilet paper can take up to 3 years to decompose). LEAVE NO TRACE!!

Hand sanitize!

Also you can’t just doggie bag it and throw it in the trash. Not only is it illegal to throw human waste into a landfill, it’s unsanitary.

So once at the trail head with porter potty, depose of your waste. If this all sounds like too much for you to do, either hold it in


Alternatively you can buy something called a wag bag: which is a poop bag for humans that is a bag-within-a bag design is a wilderness throne that safely contains waste and keeps foul odours at bay.

You can purchase them at MEC

Mamma N provides so much we must respect and acknowledge the lands we are on and take care of them.

Thats it for today! Leave comments and suggestions

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1 Comment

Carrie Suwal
Carrie Suwal
Apr 15, 2021

Thanks for sharing! I didn't realize it can take up to 3 years for TP to decompose. Oye..

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