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Welcome to Darken the Mountains my mission is to bring inclusivity to outdoor spaces, I aim to work within my communities of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and Allies to create a safe and inviting community and challenging the “norm”. Working to showcase and bring diversity in a variety of outdoor activities. Representation matters, and I’m here to break common stereotypes.

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Hello! I'm Rebeccah!

I am a outdoor enthusiast, I climb, bike, hike and practice yoga. My goal with Darken the Mountains is to bring inclusiveness to these outdoor spaces.

I am the youngest of four siblings I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, which is four hours away from the nearest mountains. Growing up my dad who is the original outdoor enthusiast would take my siblings and me to Jasper National Park every year where I learned to ski, and where my love for mountains deepened.

I moved to Canmore in spring 2016 after getting into rock-climbing. I wanted to be closer to the sport and closer to outdoor activities I enjoy.

What I love most when I am outside on the trails, I can meet like-minded people who also enjoy being outside and most of the time my background or occupation are irrelevant.

It wasn’t until I was climbing outside at Grassi Lakes, when another climber came up to me and put her arm against mine and said “Hey! I usually don’t see people darker than me climbing out here!”. I must have been 21 at the time and fresh to the Bow Valley. It wasn’t until she spoke those words to me and it slowly sunk in and resonated with me about the space I was taking up, not everyone is going to think I belong in this outdoor community.

This is why representation in the outdoors and in advertising is so important.This is why I will continue to take up space

Four years later I am still here in Canmore. I want to inspire black and POC that the outdoors is for everyone, and that we do not have to fit into a stereotype that society has put us into. Hard to explain but there is something magical about being outside. I know that on my toughest of days I could get outside and run, hike or walk, clear my head and feel more at ease. I hope to inspire others to feel this magic. .

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Representation on social media on the trails is essential for everyone to feel welcome

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